In Italian, the term 'Su Misura' means tailor-made. It stands for precision, artistry, and uncompromising attention to detail. The sensory grace of Italian fashion and design is grounded in a way of life that savors and celebrates the five senses.

In creating the Su Misura luxury travel experience, it is our desire for travellers to encounter the authentic Florentine way of life and interact with its artisans, fashion designers and culinary experts in their local environment.

Florentines are not only the artisans of their own style but of their own lives. This tailor-made eight-day journey in Tuscany gives you genuine, inside access to its arbiters of style and an intimate taste of 'la dolce vita' as well as the tools to help recreate it back home.

Italian artists and artisans, from Michelangelo to Cavalli, have always known that to create beauty you need to experience it through all five senses. The more vibrant the experience, the more timeless the creation. We invite you to join us on what will be an incredible sensory journey.


The ultimate 'bespoke' travel experience: A custom-tailored Tuscan journey

  • Reside, for seven days, in a hip, elegant and luxuriously intimate hotel

  • Enter the world of Florence's artisans through private access to fashion showrooms and design studios

  • Smell exotic perfume oils in the private atelier of an esteemed master perfumer

  • Marvel at the history, imagination and sheer genius behind the iconic shoes and handbags inside the Ferragamo and Gucci Museums

  • Take in the shimmer of precious and semi-precious stones and the whimsical creations of local jewelry artisans

  • Touch luminous and sensual fabrics still woven by hand on eighteenth-century looms

  • Listen to the vibrant street life of Florence's whimsical artisan neighborhoods.
  • See leather artisans and master mosaicists transform materials into masterful works of art.

  • Taste the inimitable Brunello in the private home of one of Montalcino's most forward-thinking wine growers.

  • Cook classic and innovative Tuscan dishes alongside an imaginative international chef

  • Walk, as the Medicis did, along the secret and art-filled Vasarian Corridor.

  • Select fresh produce for a spirited cooking class with two master chefs.

  • Celebrate Verdi, Puccini, and contemporary composers inside the most modern opera house in the world.

  • Navigate the city like a native with your personal Su Misura passport. Discover hidden specialty shops, family-owned food haunts, intimate wine bars and music hot spots.
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